Just from the synopsis to The Incomplete Story, it should be pretty easy to figure out who this song belongs to. Maybe? I have a pretty big bias for this character and the “Child of Loneliness”. These two are the main characters to the sidestory I had planned.

I’m not really sure what I can say about this without spoiling TIS. It’s exactly what it sounds like. \o/

I’m not entirely happy with this, but it’s completed (the rough idea) for now. Feel free to try and suggest whatfix. Especially what to do after the repeat of “Tell me you need me”‘s.


Rough Song

Branches (A Child Born of Loneliness)

To be honest, I’d much rather if you didn’t look at Branches yet, and if you didn’t look at A Child Born of Loneliness at all. Ah well.

Branches is from the viewpoint of the same character as the “child”. Right now, what I think I’m missing is the harshness with which she reprimands herself, that was present in A Child Born of Loneliness. The way she feels about her younger self is not mere pity, there’s a good amount of self-hatred for all the helplessness she experienced.

I’m finding that I now feel as if I miss the old vocal melody, but ah well. ):

I tried my best to incorporate some of it, but didn’t go so well. \o/

Branches (WIP)


Rough Song

Pluto’s Moon

This is the second song I wrote lyrics to after A Child Born of Loneliness (as far as I can remember). This is loosely related to that song. This is both one of my simplest creations and one of my favourites. It describes the feelings of a person with a heart weakened by others, when they hear the voice of hope that comes from a monster.

The monster named Charon, acts only in the interests of obtaining food. In other words, it eats these weak, hurt people that it lures into its domain with its words of comfort, directly projected into their heads. Once they reach the inner forest, the victims are close enough to be embraced. It’s a warm, comforting embrace that lulls them to sleep as their body heat drains from them and they wither away. This is a monster that tells you to surrender to your broken soul, that everything is hopeless and that a painless death would be much more wonderful. It does not have the capacity to truly love you, though it would surely be nice to imagine that it does.

Let me wrap you up in love by ExtremelyPokeable

If you have the consciousness to run, Charon’s core floats up out of the doll’s shell and its bandages become as sharp as knives. The embrace it forces upon you is much less pleasant.


Pluto’s Moon

The reddest thread of fate will not be


by will alone.


The darkest hour of the night will never

clear up,

with any love.


All of life

you’ve been quite restless.

Nothing but a sickly heart.

So you hear the world will end very soon.

But what does that have to do with you?

What have you envisioned

of a world that has

no place for you?


When will you find desired paradise?


“Come here~

Hey, come here.”

A voice is calling

to your ears.


“Hey come here,

please come here.”

Soothing whispers



Enter through the torii gate

and never leave the confines

of a gentle cage.


No more nightmares.

No more teardrops.

No more cold, forgotten souls.


The reality you seek

is always

just a step away.


Let us sink,

Let us fall,

into the depths

of sweet mirage.


For the loneliest,

pitiful parts of us

wish to dip

into feelings akin to love.


“So come here”

“Won’t you come here

and slip into deep,

eternal slumber.”


“It’s alright.”

“It’s okay.”

“No one will find you to hurt you

as long as you’re here.”


So, walk under the torii gate

and vanish, leaving not a single trace.


Every brass cog

of a living doll

spins around with no sign to stop.


The eternity you’ve lost was always

waiting here for you.


Though if your fate cannot be changed.

And you’ll rot alone in rain.


“Then at the very least,

allow me

to lead you

into everlasting sleep.”


“To those sad,

and those hurt.”

“You are protected.”

“You will be saved.”


If in living we were sinning

and this karma that we face

continues refusing to fade.


You’ll be



beneath the kindest waves.


Come here

Hey, come here..


Never leave, again.


The eternity you sought was never

something you could obtain.

The Incomplete Story: Reimagined

So, the first proper song I wrote lyrics for was A Child Born of Loneliness. I really did not like the original lyrics and had some issues with the vocal melody. It was the theme to one of my characters, who later became part of my game idea: The Incomplete Story.

A basic summary of TIS:

The protagonist Mirai has lived all her life believing that she is the monster from a storybook that she read with her twin sister in their childhood. When her sister goes missing exactly the same way as in the story, she becomes even more panicked that she will meet the same fate as in the story. With that, she assumes the role of “The Hero” that had been assigned to her sister, and awakens a power that answers her wish: to change her fate. With the written instruction of a disembodied, silent guide who brings her mind into an isolated library, she travels through the shards of other people’s “stories”, in an attempt to bring them to a different ending so that she may change the ending to her own story.

It’s a very meta story that I thought a lot about, and even came up with the plot to the sequel and the side story that features the “Child of Loneliness”. Unfortunately, I’ve long since given up on being able to realize the game and write the story properly.

However, while I was redoing A Child Born of Loneliness, I started getting ideas for songs that describe the backstory of other characters to ITS. With that, I’ve decided to get started on this project. I don’t have any recorded samples since I’m writing these the old-fashioned way (humming, recording myself humming and singing), but I’ll be posting the lyrics I’m working on until I do get recordings that I’m satisfied with!


A lot of flailing

Hi. I’m Spessfish, a self-learned music composer/arranger strongly influenced by Touhou. This is my work in progress (WIP) blog, where I basically liveblog my current projects as I work on them. This means that the final products will be a lot less surprising since you can see how it’s growing as I work on it, but hey, I don’t think that many people will be looking here anyway. \o/

Feel free to give me suggestions on how to continue, or what to change up in my project to improve it!